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The Worst Possible Asset Class to Invest in Right Now-Feb 18, 2011
"Research suggests the asset class that offers the poorest long-term returns from today's valuation levels is commodities."
From the close on date of the article to the January 20, 2016 low, commodities went down 45.95%.

Oil Spikes Have Always Led to Stock, Commodity Bear Markets-March 7, 2011
A 48% commodity bear market started the next month. The S&P went down by 21.5% from its April 2011 high to its October 2011 low.

Clarification Regarding Silver Comments-Decision Point-April 25, 2011
These quotes on decisionpoint.com were on the exact day of silver’s multi-decade high.

Silver Receives "Bear Market" Label-Jon Nadler-May 17, 2011
Futures Magazine noted the silver top call.

What Is the Fair Value of Gold? Ask Stocks.-September 7, 2011
This article was extremely bearish on gold within one day of gold’s all-time high.

Bullish Signs for Stocks, Silver-October 6, 2011
This was 2 days after the April to Oct 4, 2011 -21.5% correction bottom. The market did not have another correction for 3.5 years.

Silver May Be Trading Below Its Recent Inflation-Adjusted High in the Year 2139-February 16, 2012
Back to being bearish on silver.

Tracking the 10-year Note: Indicator Hitting All-Time Low Says Stocks Will Hit All-Time High-April 11, 2012
Suggested the S&P would hit 1800.

Another Bond Indicator Suggests Stocks Will Hit All-Time Highs-August 2, 2012
Predicted a 37% to 54% stock market rally over the following 16 to 18 months. Stocks ended up going up 35.59% in 17.4 months.

TIPS Reaches an All-Time Record Low of -1.67%. What Are the Implications?-September 20, 2012
Gave sell recommendation to 5-year TIPS. This article was within 6 calendar days of the 5-year TIPS all-time highs. Note this was Absolute Value's first TIPS article, thus making it likely the greatest sell call in TIPS financial history.

When Will Expected Inflation Hit 2.5%?-December 13, 2012
Called the 10-year note & 30-year bond the most overvalued in history 3 days after the 10 and 30 year TIPS all-time high. Note this was Absolute Value's first article on 10 and 30 year TIPS, thus making it likely the greatest sell call in 10-year and 30-year TIPS financial history.

Commodity indicator hits the 2nd highest daily overbought reading in history-March 9, 2014
The short lived commodity bounce is over and it is time for another leg down.

History Shows We Should Expect a Gold Stocks Bear Market in 2014-April 15, 2014
The endless bear market continues in gold stocks.

4 gold stock indicators giving off rare signals - January 13, 2015
Predicted a top in a week. Actual top was 8 days later.

5 gold stocks indicators giving off rare signals - January 22, 2015
Gold stocks went down 24.92% from January 21, 2015 to March 11, 2015





Wealth and Finance International names Absolute Value Capital Management 2015 Hedge Fund Manager of Year

Acquisition International 2016 Fund Awards: Best Onshore Equity Hedge Fund -Absolute Value Capital Fund, LLLP

Corporate America Magazine named James Debevec II the 2016 Hedge Fund Manager of the Year.

Absolute Value Capital Management, Inc. has been chosen by AI as the USA’s Most Innovative Hedge Fund Manager of the Year.

Absolute Value Capital Management recieved the highest numerber of nominations in the Hedge Fund Manager of the Year category and won the ACQ5 US-Hedge Fund Manager of the Year Award 2016.

Ranked the #1 hedge fund in the world year-to-date by numerous databases for 31 months (January 2002-December 2002, January 2014-August 2014, February 2015-December 2015).

Absolute Value Fund was the best performing hedge fund in 2002.

Historical Charts

Trendlines Suggest Silver's Fair Value To Be in the Pre-Teens-September 28, 2011
On the date of the article, silver closed in the $30s. On December 14, 2015, silver hit $13.73.

Is Warren Buffett Correct About Gold?-February 29, 2012
From the date of the article to the December 2, 2015 low, gold declined by over 39%.

10-Year Note Yield Hits All-Time Low-May 30, 2012
From the date of this article until the December 2013 research report
which reversed this call, bond yields went up over 40%.

Indicator at Levels Only Seen Near the Epic 1932
and 2009 Stock Market Lows
-August 17, 2012
This article predicted the S&P would hit 1800 by Nov. 30, 2013.
On November 30, 2013 the S&P closed at 1805.

Coffee most overbought since at least 1972-March 16, 2014
From the date of this article to its September 24, 2015 low, coffee declined by 42.26%.